Frequently asked questions:

Why can it take up to 48 hours for online top up to be reflected in my balance?

We are currently using the fastest system available for online top up, to smart card use on bus in Great Britain. In London, if you top up your Oyster card online, and use it first on a bus, it takes up to 48 hours for it to be topped up, unlike when you use it on the tube, as the systems are built into the infrastructure in each station, so it activates the 'online' top-up straight away when you first tap in.

You will find that it mostly takes about 24-48 hours for thepuffinpass balance to be reflected on the card when topping up online. However, to be on the safe side, we do advise to allow up to 48 hours.

How do I use the puffinpass on the bus?

Pay As You Go, Unlimited and Student puffinpass: When you board the bus, rest the card on the blue card reader on the ticket machine. The green light will flash quickly a few times, and then turn a static green. Student puffinpass application and information are not stored in the online shop. Applications for Student puffinpass can be done through the Kiosk in Town.

Pay As You Go puffinpass: Daytime fares are 55p. Fares after 10pm are £2. The pass reader will automatically take the correct fare according to the time of boarding the bus.

What if I lose my card?

Lost cards can be reported to our Customer Service team and they can be "hot listed" to inactive status by contacting the Kiosk information desk at the terminus in person or via phone. We can transfer the credit balance from one card to another and the reporting of potentially fraudulent transactions which can be credited back to an account. Please note that a replacement card will cost £5 (£2.50 for the first couple of lost Student puffinpass: £5 thereafter) to cover the cost of the card and the small admin fee.

How will I know when my balance is low on the card?

As you present your pass to the reader, a ticket will be printed out of the machine, and this will tell you how many journeys you have left on your card. Alternatively, you can check your balance online at or at the Kiosk in Town. Please note that until the card is first used 'on-bus', the balance will not be visible but you can always call us if you need to check on (01481) 700456.

What number do I call if I have a problem with my card, or any questions?

Our customer service team are contactable on (01481) 700456 or by email: [email protected]

Why do I need to add an email address to my account?

We need you to add an email address to your online puffinpass account, just in case you forget your password. Otherwise, we can't send you an email to notify you of the change.